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How does the web work?? Web allows thousands of clients and servers to interact using the internet connection. The clients uses navigation browsers in order to access to a web page, needs to put its adress,the browser sends a request to - Domain name system (DNS)- to search for the ip adress of The transmission: • To reach the web page ip adress , the browser send a request using a protocol called -transmission control protocol (Tcp) – that allows data transport , between clients (users) and /or servers , formally in what we call -HyperText transmission protocol (http)- which is the langage « inderstandable » for clients & servers.Once the request received the server sends the web page data and finally the browser can display the web page. Web developer job • The web developer basically creates new web interfaces , or changes\improves existing ones. • His job is to provide technical solutions for the interface he’s working on to make it the best efficient ,effectively working & beautiful it can be using coding langages such as html , css , javascript , Sql and also graphics skills. What i like about webdeveloping? • My curiosity always pushed me to wonder how all the web sites and mobile applications i use everyday actually worked.When i discovered that it was all about « codes » and all the magic we could do with coding , i couldn’t help drown myself into this world and go discover everything, hoping i also in the future will create or be a part of new big&nice things .

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