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National Geographic : Photo of the Day 每日一圖 2021.01 New Year Offering 新年祭 Photograph by John Stanmeyer In Laos, the new year is celebrated in mid-April. In this photo from the April 2010 special issue on water, a woman sets a fiery offering on the Mekong River, known to Laotians as "the mother of waters." 1 Your Move 下一步 Photograph by Dean Conger Mongolian children play chess in this image from the March 1962 issue. Red patches on their sleeves indicate the children's affiliation with the Young Pioneers, an organization run by the Communist Party. 2 Steaming Seas 蒸氣海洋 Photograph by Maria Stenzel Steaming volcanic rock in the South Sandwich Islands sets the dramatic background for a 65-foot yacht by the name Golden Fleece. The islands are so remote that it took this crew six days to reach them after leaving the southernmost tip of South America. 3 Toys And Touch 玩具農場 Hotograph by B. Anthony Stewart And Jack E. Fletcher In this picture from the September 1949 issue, visually impaired boys at the Minnesota Braille and Sight Saving School arrange a toy farm in an exercise to improve their sense of touch. 4 Photographer Des Bartlett photographs snow and blue geese fromGetting The Shot 拍攝雪雁 the back of a station wagon in the Arizona desert. For the December Photograph by Des And Jen Bartlett 1973 issue, Bartlett and his wife Jen studied geese as they flew from the Canadian subarctic to the Gulf of Mexico. 5 Women walk through the snow to St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia. One of the most iconic symbols of Russia, construction for the cathedral began in 1555 under Ivan the Terrible. Snowy Square 聖瓦西里主教座堂 Photograph by Sisse Brimberg 6 Holy Lights 聖光 Photograph by Dean Conger In this picture from the March 1966 issue, a woman lights a candle in a Russian Orthodox church in Moscow. At the time, atheism was state-mandated, and membership to a religious organization could 7 Polar Hunt 極地狩獵 Photograph by Paul Nicklen In Svalbard, Norway, a polar bear roams the ice hunting for bearded seals. The polar bear's metabolism requires a large amount of fat, so the bear will often consume more than four pounds of seal fat a day. 8 While this scene of a hostess checking a nightclub-goer's temperature in Singapore seems eerily familiar now, it first appeared in a January 2010 story about the swine flu epidemic. Temperature Check 量額溫 Photograph by David Mclain 9 January Blizzard 一月暴雪 Photograph by Annie Griffith A cattle farmer closes the barn door after tending to his herd in a snowstorm in McGregor, North Dakota. This particular blizzard in January 1985 saw windchills as cold as 80 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. 10 Prayer Flags 藏曆新年 Photograph by Maria Stenzel A monk hoists prayer flags during Losar, the Tibetan New Year, in Lhasa, Tibet. During the 15-day celebration, observers participate in a series of rituals to set the course for the year ahead. 11 Winter Dip 冬季泡湯 Photograph by Annie Griffiths The air is 20 degrees below zero, but an overflowing thermal spring near Gardiner, Montana, makes this portion of the Yellowstone River a delightful place for a winter dip. 12 An oak tree stands tall in Delaware Park, Buffalo, New York. The March 2005 issue featured a story about famed urban park designer Frederick Law Olmsted. Sturdy Oak 大橡樹 Photograph by Melissa Farlow 13 In Isfahan, Iran, a betrothed couple—and their chaperone—relax on Under The Bridge 橋下 a bridge. This photo originally appeared in the July 1999 issue, Photograph by Alexandra Avakian documenting Iran under President Mohammad Khatami, who advocated for a more open society. 14 A herd of reindeer travels through a valley in Siberia. This photo Reindeer Days 移動中的馴鹿群 originally appeared in the August 1977 issue, in which photographer Photograph by Dean Conger Dean Conger wrote about his career documenting the Soviet Union. 15 Ancient Art 古代藝術 Photograph by Belinda Wright The February 1988 issue celebrated Australia's bicentennial. One story covered Kakadu National Park, protected land leased to the government by Aboriginal people. This photo shows cave paintings in the park thought to be 20,000 years old. 16 In this photo from the December 1950 issue, monks flank the Patriarch of the Cathedral of St. James, the Armenian Church in Jerusalem. The ornate service was held on Maundy Thursday, which remembers the day Jesus Christ washed his disciples' feet the day before his crucifixion. Sacred Ceremonies 神聖儀式 Photograph by Maynard Owen Williams 17 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., delivers his “I Have a Dream” speech on Dr. King‘s Dream 金恩博士的夢想 the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. Today is Photograph by James P. Blair Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States, a federal holiday celebrating the birthday of Dr. King. 18 A formation known as "Castle Iceberg" rises 100 feet in the air on Castle Iceberg 城堡冰山 Cape Evans, Antarctica, in this image from the March 1924 issue. Photograph By Herbert G. Ponting Photographer Herbert G. Ponting was the official documentarian of 19 A photographer kneels among a colony of 10,000 king penguins on South Georgia Island. If you look closely you can tell each penguin is incubating an egg resting on its feet. Penguin Kingdom 企鵝王國 Photograph by Des And Jen Bartlett 20 The November 1995 issue featured a 16-page story titled "In Praise of Squirrels." In this picture, a visitor to the White House gardens dashes off with a peanut meant to deter him from eating flower bulbs. Nuts About Squirrels 松鼠與堅果 Photograph by Chris Johns 21 Full Flight 滿載 Photograph by John E. Fletcher, Donald Mcbain And Guy Starling A story in the December 1953 issue celebrated 50 years of aviation. For this photo of a full TWA flight leaving Washington, D.C., for the West Coast, the original caption hailed the innovation of flying coach, which made the once luxurious form of travel more accessible to the masses. 22 Two juvenile Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, play in the snow in Jigokudani, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Snow monkeys can live to be about 30 years old. Monkeying Around 雪中嬉戲 Photograph by Tim Laman 23 Eight children make up a one-room schoolhouse in Trapper Creek, Alaskan Schoolhouse 阿拉斯加教室 Alaska, in this picture from the April 1969 issue. The kids' parents Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombiewere homesteaders, people who participated in a federal program to claim land as their own by meeting a few requirements. 24 This cottage in Alloway, Scotland, was the birthplace of poet Robert Poet‘s Home 詩人故居 Burns. Considered the national poet of Scotland, Burns is arguably Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart most famous for the poem "Auld Lang Syne," which is often sung on New Year's Eve. 25 Over 370 million years, wind and rain have shaped the sandstone Bungle Bungle Range 班古魯班古山脈 domes of the Bungle Bungle Range in northwest Australia. The 位於澳大利亞西部 distinctive formations cover 175 square miles and were made a Photograph by Sam Abell national park in 1987. 26 This picture from the July 1999 issue shows Iranian film director On Set In Iran 在伊朗拍電影 Bahram Beyzai, in green, shooting a movie seven years after Photograph by Alexandra Avakian national censors took issue with his previous project. The actress in traditional Baluchi garb is Mozhdeh Shamsai, who is also married to Beyzai. A close-up of her appeared on the cover of this issue. 27 Commuters in the early '80s rush to pack into a subway car in Mexico City. Now, the system carries an estimated 1.6 billion people every year. Rush Hour 尖峰時間 Photograph by Stephanie Maze 28 Sombrero Galaxy 草帽星系 After having a new camera installed in 2002, the Hubble Space Telescope captured this picture of a galaxy nicknamed Sombrero. It's Photograph by Nasa a third of the size of the Milky Way galaxy, and brighter than 400 billion suns. 29 Dressed in a white kimono, a Japanese bride sits by a window as her Japanese Bride 日本新娘 neighbors in Kyoto come to view her on her wedding day. This Photograph by Karen Kasmauski picture appeared in an April 1990 story about changing societal expectations for Japanese women. 30 Snow Days 下雪天 Photograph by Jodi Cobb Residents of Amman, the capital of Jordan, enjoy a late winter storm in this picture from the February 1984 issue. Snow isn't uncommon in Amman, as parts of the city are at a higher elevation. 31 Tyrannosaurus, let go! 暴龍,放馬過來! Photograph by Gunther Schmida 32 Blue World 藍色世界 Photograph by Ivan Lesica 33 3D Glasses 3D 眼鏡 Photograph by Sasa Huzjak 34 Aspen Trail 白楊步道 Photograph by Charles Hedeen 35 Myna 家八哥 Photograph by Narayan Bagri 36 Macaque Family 獼猴一家 Photograph by Prem Garg 37 Rainbow Trout Fry 虹鱒的魚苗 Photograph by George Novak 38 Ninja 忍者 Photograph by Harlan Humphrey 39 Iris 鳶尾 Photograph by Grace Hinds 40 Caracal 獰貓 Photograph by Ken Dyball 41 Overlooking the Flamingo Group 俯瞰紅鶴群 Photograph by Ken Dyball 42 Phoenix Dove 鳳冠鳩 Photograph by Abbey Plute 43 Abandoned Nest 棄巢 Photograph by Emily Noel 44 Sea Lion 海獅 Photograph by Manuel Aviles 45 Frog and Crocodile 青蛙與鱷魚 Photograph by Manuel Aviles 46 Unlucky Fish 倒楣的魚 Photograph by Peter Allinson, M.D. 47 Alligators in New Orleans 紐奧良的鱷魚 Photograph by Scherry Cusic 48 Spider Web 蜘蛛網 Photograph by Veronika K Ko 49 Water Shortage Crisis 缺水危機 Photograph by Md Khalid Rayhan Shawon 50 City of Palms 棕櫚之城 Photograph by Marvin Wolf 51 Little shepherd 小牧羊人 Photograph by Junaid Ahmed 52 Nature 本質 Photograph by Mike Melnotte 53 Two Goddesses 兩位女神 Photograph by Wira Wardhana 54 Bachelor Party 單身派對 Photograph by Lucas Amorelli 55 Ge t Pho Off tog 下車 rap hb yT om az Z. 56 Livelihood 生計 Photograph by Swaraj Mandal 57 Cosplay Girl 角色扮演的少女 Photograph by Bruce Zhang 58 C-53 Minesweeper Shipwreck C-53 掃雷艦沉船 Photograph by Henry Fila 59 Lonely Silhouette 孤絕的剪影 Photograph by Yasemin Aksit 60 Red Girl 紅衣女孩 Photograph by Behr January 31, 2021 王文堯 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from National Geographic, 國家地理 雜誌中文網 . Sound: Lorrie Morgan – I Guess You Had To Be There THE END 61

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