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South Africa’s Floral Kingdom South Africa’s Western Cape is more botanically diverse than the richest tropical rainforest in South America, including the Amazon. It has 9,000 plant and flower species, a majority being native fynbos vegetation, which covers the region's magnificent mountains, and lowland valleys and coastal plains. Though South Africa covers less than 1 percent of the world's total land surface, it accounts for 10 percent of all the known species of flowering plants. Of these, 80 percent are endemic, found only in South Africa. Anyone who loves flowers or gardens will recognize floral "friends" among the most flamboyant of South Africa's native species - the proteas, geraniums, amaryllis, freesias, ice plants, red-hot pokers, bird of paradise plant, gladiolas, and gazanias. Compiled by - Tony Chacko (tonychacko2000@gmai.com) Technical Support - Steve Rumpler (pista2011@gmail.com) South Africa’s Floral Kingdom The Cape Town wildflowers are known worldwide for its stunning displays in springtime. Especially the northern parts of the Western Cape and the Northern Cape are renowned for their mesmerising beautiful wildflower displays during spring, from August to September. You will also see wildflowers in an array of colour if you venture a bit out of Cape Town, drive north on the R27, this is where you can see the first vast flower fields just outside Blouberg. Make sure to also visit the many Wildflower Festivals which take place during this period. Various communities celebrate spring by skillfully decorating town halls and church halls displaying the typical spring flowers from the West Coast region. At many flower festivals, there are also art exhibitions, lectures as well as markets with craft and food stalls which complement the unique experience. THE NATIONAL PARKS OF SOUTH AFRICA 10. West Coast National Park PLACES TO SEE FLOWERS OF SOUTH AFRICA 1. Cosmos Country, Mpumalanga 2. Sunflowers near Kroonstad, Free State 3. Wild flowers in Namaqualand, Northern Cape 4. Daisies in Darling, Western Cape 5. 5. Aloes in Graskop and Lydenburg, Mpumalanga 6. Eastern Cape extravaganza, Port Elizabeth 7. Tankwa Karoo National Park 9. Golden Gate Highlands National Park 8. Karoo National Park 7. Namaqua National Park 6. Mapungubwe National Park 5. Marakele National Park 4. Garden Route National Park 3.Table Mountain National ark 2. Addo Elephant National Park 1. Kruger National Park Aerial panoramic view of Cape Town the capital of South Africa Beautiful Wildflowers of Namaqualand South Africa’s Namaqualand National Park in springtime Namaqualand seaside Wildflower Daisies Nature’s flower-fields of beautiful Skilpad Flower reserve in Namaqualand Park during springtime Spring Flowers of West Coast National Park The spectacular wildflowers of the West Coast National Park. Spring flowers in the Old Mill Lodge in Springbok Namaqualand area Quiver Tree Forest of Nieuwoudtville, Northern Cape Province Field of Sunflowers at Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa Seaside wildflowers of West Coast National park A field of flowers in the West Coast National Park The Candlebra flowers of Nieuwoudtville Flower Reserve Ribbon pincushion (Leucospermum tottum) at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town The Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden, Western Cape A waterfall at the Nieuwoudtville Wild Flower reserve he wildflowers of Namaqualand come to life between July and October every year in a dream-like carpet of color. Cacti at the succulent Garden of Soekershof Succulents and Cacti of Graaf Reinet, South Africa Bright pink Lampranthus flowers, a native flower of Western Cape The Boomslang Tree Canopy Walkway at Kirstenbosch National Park Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden Aloe arborescens of Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden A Private Hotel Garden – Emafweni on Route R600, Cathkin Park Watsons in Silvermine Nature Reserve in Cape Town Cosmos Flowerfield in a grassland near Harrysmith, Free State; South Africa Blooming Fynbos of Cape Floral Kingdom around Cape Town, Hermanus and the Overberg regio Blooming Fynbos at Kirstenbosch Gardens The Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden, located in the historical center of Stellenbosch, is the oldest university botanical garden near Cape Town. Here is a collection of some of the Fynbos Flowers of South Africa King Protea Flower – The National Flower Of South Africa Ending with a panoramic sunset at the South African Kruger National Park Hope this presentation was interesting. Have a nice day. Tony Chacko and Steve Rumpler WILD FLOWE RS of SOUTH AFRICA

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