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KEY FIGURES 35 50 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE + 200 Events Per Year 1 OFFICE IN CASABLANCA SIX SPOKEN LANGUAGES 1 OFFICE IN MARRAKECH 1 OFFICE IN FRENCH ENGLISH AGADIR GERMAN ITALIAN 1 OFFICE IN EXPERTS SPANISH TUNIS + 2 500 Corporate Clients 2017 TURNOVER ARABIC + 50 000 People Catered Per Year 18 MILLION € CHOOSE THE LEADER, CHOOSE MOROCCO With us, there's no double speak or beating around the bush! And that's the key to our success. When our clients are travelling for business, they need everything to be perfect. From their timetable and transport to their equipment, meals and safety, everything needs to run smoothly – and they are also looking for pleasure, satisfaction, discovery and memories. We rise to these challenges every day, working tirelessly and with confidence for our clients. Of course, the perfect world doesn't exist (occasionally, even Agadir has a few clouds in its sky ), and that's why, to guarantee the very best quality, we have committed to the ISO 9001 - v2008 standard. Promises are only words. The facts are the best proof of our leadership. Mr. Hicham BELHADFA Managing Director So, whether you want to organize a weeklong team-building trekk for managers or you'd like to hold a two-day seminar for 500 people, you can be sure that S'TOURS and Morocco are the best choice you can make. Now, I'll just let you imagine what we can do when it comes to organizing a trip for private individuals! Rigor, efficiency, beauty and sunshine are, for me, the best words to sum up the key benefits of our organization and our country FOUR CORE SPECIALITIES EVENTS CONGRESS ES SPORTIN EVENT G S BUSINE TRAV SS EL TOUR OPERATIN G S’TOURS quickly structured itself into 4 specialist departments to provide quality services to all its different clients. This organization allows our experts to develop their know-how through internal processes focused on excellence. MEETIN G INCENTIVE This organization works thanks to the creativity of the S'TOURS teams and the fact that our departments work hand in hand to deliver global offers. We don't only create made-to-measure trips; we also ensure they run perfectly to plan –which is why we decided to invest in our own fleet of vehicles. Our expertise covers every step of your stay, and this 360° approach ensures peace of mind and cost control when we're putting together your travel projects. + TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION Our objective is to ensure the well-being of our clients. That's why we developed our own fleet of vehicles to guarantee travelers' comfort. While the vehicle is important, the driver is essential! For this reason, S'TOURS has a rigorous selection process for staff in charge of transporting passengers. Our drivers always wear a suit and tie and speak several languages. Our vehicles are serviced every day and, before every trip, we check the route, parking and logistics. The pillars of our transport offer are peace of mind, safety and comfort, and today we have a fleet of more than 25 vehicles. TRAVEL IS ALL ABOUT IT OUR FLEET, YOUR GUESTS WELLBEING MA N BUS Our fleet is made up of high-end vehicles that can be repackaged in the colours of your company or event. 48 SEATS MINI BUS MOTORCO ACH MAN 40 BUS SEATS 06 SEATS 15 SEATS Our vehicles: MAN bus or similar, 48 seats/40 places with air conditioning, microphone, video and radio. Hyundai minibus or similar, 6 places with air conditioning, microphone, video and radio. NEWEST FLEET - 2 YEARS OLD S’TOURS VOYAGES LEADERSHIP IN MOTION SINCE 1983, S’TOURS HAS MADE EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE ITS CLIENTS’ COMFORT BY INSISTING THAT MADE-TOMEASURE SERVICES ARE THE ONLY SOLUTION POSSIBLE BY INVESTING IN TEAMS WHOSE EXPERTISE MAKES THE GROUP A LEADER BY MOVING BEYOND THE MOROCCAN BORDER AND CONQUERING NEW REGIONS S’TOURS VOYAGES INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION IN 2005, S’TOURS BECAME THE OFFICIAL AMERICAN EXPRESS GLOBAL BUSINESS TRAVEL REPRESENTATIVE FOR MOROCCO. This prestigious title was awarded thanks to 10 years of consistently excellent services. Every year, S’TOURS caters for international companies with one thing in common: they all have extremely high standards. GLOBAL BUSINESS TRAVEL Welcome to Our Fascinating MOROCC WELCOMING MINT TEA GEOGRAPHY Morocco is located at the northwest of Africa. It is bordered in the north by the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea; to the south by Mauritania; to the east by Algeria and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The Moroccan coast extends over 3,500 km. Land Area: 710,850 Km². Two coastlines: the Atlantic: 2,934Km and the Mediterranean: 512Km. Physically, the country predominantly is open to the sea, with 2500 km of Atlantic shores and 500 km of Mediterranean shores . MAIN CITIES TANGIER FEZ Famous and renowned spa resort. Spiritual and cultural capital, the oldest imperial city. RABAT MEKNES Capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. One of the imperial cities. Imperial city, with an attractive countryside. CASABLANCA MARRAKEC H Big trade and industry center, economic capital. Southern capital, with a big tourism potential. OUARZAZATE A beautiful southern city, with a local charm famous for its amazing countryside . AGADIR Famous and renowned spa resort. GEOGRAPHY Morocco enjoys an infinite variety of landscapes and territories. Mountains, coastline, desert, each site has its own charm and a unique natural wealth. As seen from the air, Morocco is set between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and a long mountain strip expands from east to west to disappear in the sand at the south border with Mauritania. The landscapes are varied and stunning: the breathtaking snowcapped peaks of the High Atlas Mountains and Rif Mountains, dense forests of oaks and cedars of the central plateau, fertile plains of the Meseta, arid lands of the high plateau, semi-desert steppes and luxurious oases of the Souss basin, and the Sahara’s sand dunes FLORA & FAUNA The flora and fauna vary according to the diversity of regions and areas. Morocco provides such geographical diversity, that in the morning, you can go to the beautiful beaches of Agadir, and then in the afternoon be at ski resort of Oukaimden, before returning to enjoy a quiet evening at the palm gardens in Marrakech. Morocco is a subtropical country at the western edge of Africa. In summer, it undergoes hot arid zone conditions, while in winter the climate is cool and humid. Precipitations: Average annual precipitation varies between: * 500 to 2,000 mm, in the wettest area in the Northwest under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean; * 200 to 1,000 mm, in the West and the Center under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean; * 100 to 200 mm, in the East of the country; * Less than 100 mm, in the South of the country. CLIMATE LANGUAGE AND RELIGION Language: The official languages are Arabic and Amazigh. French is the dominant foreign language in the country. Spanish is often spoken in the northern and southern provinces. English is fairly widely spoken. Religion: Islam is the established state religion of Morocco. Almost the entire population is Sunni Muslim. The Monarch is the supreme Muslim authority in the country. He is also the Commander of the believers. The Moroccan constitution garantees the freedom of worship. MOROCC O more than a destination, a fascinating world, Your Second Homeland… OUR MOROCCO A country that makes everyone of you feel special and unique, the land that shares with you its beauty and tradition, but as well proud to show you how modernity and progress have fitted with our traditions. You will experience a truly professional and friendly attention anywhere your steps will take you. INFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTURE There are around 56,986 km of roads In addition to 1,808 km of highways INFRASTRUCTURE TRAMWAY INFRASTRUCTURE Rail network INFRASTRUCTU RE Rail network 3815 km of railroad tracks 585 passenger wagons 64 % of lines electrified 5 498 merchandise carriages Passenger transport 35 million passengers 204 trains a day 137 railroad stations 105 609 seats available/day INFRASTRUCT URE INFRASTRUCT URE 18 AEROPORTS TOURIS M The accommodation capacity in Morocco is quite good and respects the standard norms of quality. Total capacity is about 100.000 Beds. Hotels offer convenient and basic services respecting norms of safety and hygiene. WELCOME TO RABAT WELCOME TO RABAT WELCOME TO RABAT WELCOME TO AGADIR WELCOME TO AGADIR WELCOME TO AGADIR WELCOME TO CASABLANCA WELCOME TO CASABLANCA WELCOME TO CASABLANCA WELCOME TO MARRAKECH WELCOME TO MARRAKECH WELCOME TO MARRAKECH WELCOME TO MARRAKECH WELCOME TO ESSAOUIRA WELCOME TO ESSAOUIRA WELCOME TO FEZ WELCOME TO FEZ WELCOME TO MEKNES WELCOME TO MEKNES WELCOME TO MEKNES WELCOME TO TANGIER WELCOME TO TANGIER WELCOME TO OUARZAZATE WELCOME TO OUARZAZATE THE BIG SOUTH OF MOROCCO THE BIG SOUTH OF MOROCCO SAHARA CAMEL RIDE THE BIG SOUTH OF MOROCCO CAMEL RIDE THE BIG SOUTH OF MOROCCO BIVOUAC THE BIG SOUTH OF MOROCCO BIVOUAC MOROCCAN HANDICRAFT MOROCCAN HANDICRAFT MOROCCAN HANDICRAFT MOROCCAN MINT TEA Atlas Golf Resort Marrakec GOLF SAMANAH GOLF SAMANAH GOLF ASSOUFID GOLF ASSOUFID Golf Noria Marrakech Air Balloon Flight Hot Air Balloon Flight Hot Air Balloon Flight Hot Marrakech Take a relaxing flight through the Moroccan sky in a hot air balloon. Enjoy breathtaking views of Marrakesh and the beautiful nearby countryside. If you choose to follow your flight by a camel ride. TRANSPORTATI ON Motorcoaches : 48 Seats Brand Man & Irizar Motorcoaches : 15 Seats Brand MERCEDES Motorcoaches : 5 Seats Brand Hyundai & Ford Please, Be Our Guests To our Wonderful Morocco

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